Unordered Lists

Bulleted List

  • Item Zed
    • Nested Bullet
    • Nested Bullet
  • Item One
  • Item Two

Ordered List

  1. Item Zed
    1. Nested Numeric
    2. Nested Numeric
  2. Item One
  3. Item Two

Check List

  • Task Zed
  • Task One
  • Task Two

Edge Cases

Split Lists

Seamlessly insert content blocks in between list items:

  1. Item Zed

    Sit excepturi doloremque deserunt maiores quam voluptatibus cupiditate delectus perferendis, ratione cum impedit rem recusandae inventore quibusdam et, tenetur aspernatur asperiores reiciendis soluta.

  2. Item One

    console.log('hello world')
  3. Item Two


Writing this will yield a properly ordered list:

1. Item Zed
1. Item One
1. Item Two

Starting an ordered list with any number will increment continuously from that point, like so:

  1. Starting in media res
  2. Another list item
  3. Yet another item

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